Vegas Life Tv

VegaslifeTV…the only independent Network in Las Vegas with 100%. Vegas-produced programs aimed at the local and global viewers alike.


Pacific Island Network

We are currently adding shows on the network for your enjoyment and education. You can earn points to purchase items on ample points. Stay tuned in as we will announce what will be available on PIN soon!  https://www.ampletheater.net/specialvideoprocess/video_id/391?fbclid=IwAR1SGfkNns9MzreoEjfTIdGbNqyBfKtP6mT082_ax61H_hC9AMF21MKKL_4


Somos Latinos

Programa de TV en Las Vegas, Nevada por la señal al aire del canal de TV ACTV 26.6. Acontecer infor



ACTV is the Mainstream Asian Network, Asian Culture TV airs on worldwide platform.



Finally, a home for Filipino-American viewers, story-tellers and producers, utilizing all technology like ROKU, Amazon FireTV, Chrome TV, BingeNetworks.tv, Vimeo; Youtube, Facebook and even Over-The-Air (antenna) TV. For FilAms by FilAms!


Living Asia Channel

LAC is a multi-platform channel devoted to bring into the spotlight stories about Asia and the Pacific.


Latino Channel Tv

 LaChTV, a TV network for the 2nd and 3rd generation Latino Americans whose preferred Language is English interspersed with familiar Spanish phrases.


Vlog Channel

Vegas+ is beta-testing a platform for Vloggers and Story Tellers worldwide with wholesome, positive, educational and entertaining activities as they happen. Channel V+ will eventually be a subscription channel where the Vloggers will share net operating revenues. Vloggers will be registered and certified so they get the privilege of sharing a LIVE story that’s shared in the entire platform using the CDN that flows into all the broadcast and streaming platforms of Vegas+ locally and globally.

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